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Selling a home, especially one that’s can be considered a luxury property can be tricky right now. There are several things working against you right now. These challenges include:

*     A reluctance of banks to approve mortgages
*     An extremely high number of homes that have been foreclosed on
*     People using caution when purchasing homes and making sure they don’t exceed their finances
*     An excessive amount of home available on the market

While it’s true that all these factors will make selling a home more difficult, they don’t make it impossible. You can still sell your home, particularly if you have the assistance of top quality realtors in Highlands.

When you start meeting with realtors, it’s important that you have some clear cut goals in mind. These goals need to be based in reality. For example, you should have a goal regarding the selling price of your home. You shouldn’t plan on making millions of dollars from the sale. You and the realtors your working with need to sit down and look at the actual value of your home, the current prices of comparable homes currently getting purchased in your area, and the amount you still owe on the property. The amount remaining on your mortgage will be the most important figure you need to keep track of, it represents the bottom most offer you can afford to accept on your home.

Another goal you need to discuss with your realtors pertains to goals regarding time. It’s very rare for a home owner to be able to simply list their home as soon as they connect with a realtor. Real estate agents are very aware of the challenges selling your property represents and will most likely ask you to make some changes to various aspects of the property which they hope will shorten the amount of time that passes before someone makes an offer. These changes include home improvement projects, sometimes require replacing the appliances, and can require extensive landscaping. You and your realtors need to have a goal for completing these projects so they know when they can formally list your home and start arranging for visitations.

You and your realtors need to discuss how long you want the house to be on the market. This can be a difficult goal to set because selling your home usually involves the right person coming along at the right time. On the other hand, if everyone agrees that they’d like the property to be sold in six months, the realtor will know that after four months on the market they can start entertaining lower offers and should start marketing more aggressively.

Each time you meet with your real estate agent, the progress made with each goal should be discussed.


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