A Different Environment for the Military Members

by | Aug 13, 2012 | Real Estate

Fort Benning is a United States Army post located in Georgia. It is a self sustaining military community with active-duty military personnel including their families, civilian personnel, retirees and reserve component soldiers. Since 1918, Fort Benning, GA has served as the residence of the Home of the Infantry. Company grade officer, warrant officers and most senior NCO’s drawing BAH without dependent rates can opt to live off base. This is the reason why there are Military Apartments in Fort Benning GA for permanently assigned enlisted members and allied officer assigned at Benning GA.

For civilians, living in the military apartments is just like living in a military base because of the close proximity to the area where soldiers try to achieve military advantages over their adversaries. The apartments also provide a large variety of floor plans that will cater to the requirements of the Service members and their families. This includes amenities like resort style swimming pools, fitness centers, playgrounds and many more that are highly entertaining and relaxing for military families.

Most importantly, these military apartments are driving distance from the military base which makes it very accessible for resident-civilians and their families. The area can be quite exciting with the presence of many men in uniform as there are always many things that will arouse curiosity. Living in the Military Apartments close to Fort Benning GA allows the residents to enjoy other amenities that cannot be found inside the base. They get to enjoy many exciting amenities in the neighborhood like shopping centers as the Peachtree Malls and fine dining restaurants. For those who want to satisfy their educational cravings, they can always visit the National Civil War naval Museum or Coca-cola Space Science Center with the children.

Military bases offer accommodations for their men and their families but living on-base is not often the most ideal situation for all families. Today’s service members prefer to live in a community that has a normal day-to-day environment. While there will always be a military member living next door or right around the corner, you gain a different environment and ambiance. While the military sees to it that families will not want for anything inside the base, there is generally a lack of amenities or if they exist they are sub-standard compared to those outside of the military base. As a result many military families relocate to the military apartments nearby.

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to live on-base or off-base. If you live on-base you are closer to the Base Exchange commissary, youth centers and other functions with neighbors who are all military members. On the other hand, living off-base means living with the majority of civilians with the idea of forgetting about the military life when not on duty. Military bases often have schools right on base but most families choose to enroll their children to off-base schools to experience a different kind of educational environment. There is no clear basis on what is better but it usually depends on the family’s preferences.

Military members usually have the options to either live on-base or off-base with monthly housing allowance. Military apartments Fort Benning GA area offer perfect accommodations through visit us website


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