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In most cases, when Property Managers in Boise, Idaho are getting a property ready to rent they are doing so on a limited budget. Unlike selling a home, renting does not offer immediate financial compensation for the owner. The best way to add curb appeal to your rental property is by using highly effective upgrades with low cost to you. The following are a few ways you can add curb appeal to a property you are putting up for rent.


Instead of sinking a lot of money into painting the whole rental house, you should think about merely painting the front door. This will give the property an immediate burst of freshness, which can make it stand out to a potential tenant. Property Managers in Boise, Idaho should also consider adding a seasonal wreath to add more curb appeal as well; this is a low cost addition that can help you rent your property.

Upgrading Hardware

The addition of new modern looking door hardware is a great way to hide a rental property’s age. Many times, the original hardware will be outdated and a little rusty, which can hurt your chances of renting to a quality tenant. You should also consider updating the house numbers with the same type of material as the new door hardware to add a sense of continuity to your outdoor hardware.

Cleaning Outside

You can clean the windows and gutters of the home to add to the curb appeal of the property. These are very inexpensive and effective ways of adding shine to your rental home. In most cases, the gutters will filled with debris, which falls due to inclement weather. The only thing you need to clean the gutters thoroughly is a strong and sturdy ladder.

If you find yourself in need of a property management service, you should contact the professionals at DJW Property Management. They can perform all of the necessary tasks to get your rental property looking new again. You may want to contract this work out if you cannot make time for it and DJW will be more than happy to accommodate whatever needs you may have regarding your property.

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