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To become a successful real estate agent there are a few mandatory issues that have to be broached. One must complete an education; choose a brokerage that can help in getting you clients and passing state and federal licensing examinations.

Most of the homes for sale in Jacksonville FL are in the capable hands of licensed brokers or agents although some homes are placed on the market as a private sale.

To begin a career in real estate you need to take courses in preparation for sitting the licensing exams. The educational demands vary from state to state but most of them require college level courses regardless of the hours and the number of courses. Many of the larger real estate agencies expect specific knowledge that may not be a part of the state demands and additional courses may be required if you join one of these agencies.

What is a brokerage?

A real estate brokerage is the facility from which real estate agents and brokers work. It is mandatory that a real estate agent work with a broker so during your educational process you will need to be contacting brokers in an effort to be placed. Brokers have considerably more training than do real estate agents, at times as much as three years. They can guide the new agent and answer questions that arise while working as well as list and sell homes for sale in Jacksonville FL.

During this time, look for a brokerage that has a great reputation and one that will give you additional training as you progress in the field. Real estate brokerages are very public and checking the reputation is not difficult, you can often find comments on the internet and your course instructors will also be able to guide you in your choice. The best way is for you to ask meaningful questions during your interview with the broker. Ask such probing questions as:

  • How many years have you been a broker?
  • Will I be assigned to an experienced person while training?
  • If I am engaged, will I be expected to complete more courses?

The answers you get either will or will not be acceptable. If you are looking forward to working closely with one person in the brokerage while undergoing training and the broker does not provide that, you may not be comfortable working there.

What comes next?

Once you have completed your education you must pass the mandated state and national examinations. You may also have to provide a background check and you can expect to pay fees of around $200.

Entering into the real estate business is not as expensive as preparing for many careers but there are costs that need to be considered and budgeted for. As an agent you are responsible for, after paying for your courses; business cards, signage, advertising expense and association fees as well as expenses incurred in showing properties. The income derived from real estate is commission based so you will need sufficient funding to get you by for the first few months until the commission begins to mount.

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