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With the abundance of available real estate, there is also an abundance of agents vying for your business. They may promise you all sorts of things like a buyer within days or even that they will buy your house if they can’t sell it. These all sound great but when it comes down to it, you have to find an agent that works for you, your lifestyle, and your goals. Finding realtors in Gilroy, CA is not a difficult process but rather finding one that works for you can be more challenging.

Most agents realize the importance of having various listings in their portfolio. If they have existing listings, other potential clients will be more willing to place their trust in them because others have done so. When they can sell the listings and create a buzz about their success that is even better for their future. Even if they just have a lot of listings and not a lot of sales, it can benefit them. That is the type of agent of which you want to be cautious. They will take listings and not work them. When an agent really values their client, they will take the listings and immediately begin marketing and getting word out about the property. They will take every offer and call seriously and never neglect to let you know the progress of your property. To them it may be one of their many properties but they realize it it your life. A smart agent who deserves your business will look at the scenario in the light of you choosing them with your greatest asset and they honored for that trust.

Other agents will take all the listings they can to look as though they are busy but will not do anything to sell the properties besides the bare minimum. This means they will put is in the multiple listing service but won’t send out email blasts and have open houses on the property. This doesn’t help you at all to use an agent like this. You want an agent who values your business and wants the commission, regardless of the size and will actually do the work necessary to earn it. There are plenty of realtors in Gilroy, CA that fit this description but you should interview several before hiring one.

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