Things to ask the agent when selling a home

by | Mar 26, 2013 | Real Estate

Buying or selling a home can be a daunting task and it can be a full-time job as well. When you have a home for sale Tucson it makes sense to put the transaction into the hands of a professional realtor. The agent of the seller will be responsible for advertising the property, showing the property to potential buyers and assist in the buy/sell negotiations. Although the objective is the same, sell the house, not every real estate agent is the same. When selecting the agency to represent you when you have a home for sale Tucson, consider a few helpful pointers.

How will the home be advertised? The normal response to expect is through the newspaper, on the internet, open houses and MLS. Your question to the agent is, “how often do these things happen?” To promote your property the advertising must be daily, the responsible agent must conduct the open house himself and any and all leads must be acted upon immediately.

Why are you overpricing my house? If you think that your house is worth $350,000 then why is it listed at $400,000? The answer you will get it, “we checked the selling prices of similar homes in the area”. At times this is really not done; the agent will purposely inflate the price so he can offer a significant discount. Ask to see the comparisons they made, it is of no use to offer a discount if you price the house out of the market and you are not attractive to buyers.

Are pictures really being placed on the company web site? The answer will be, “of course”. Find out who will take the pictures and when, also find out if potential buyers have to register to see the pictures. It is your house and you want it sold, you do not want the real estate agent to gather names so he can spam visitors.

Will the agent be attending the closing? He may say, “It all depends on my schedule”. You tell him right from the beginning that you expect him there to make sure the closing goes smoothly. If he won’t commit, then work with someone who will.

What is your municipal report on my area? Often the agent will just give you a blank stare wondering what you are talking about. The municipal report is a listing of all the amenities; the schools, fire houses, police stations, parks, etc. Prospective buyers will ask these questions and you need an agent attending to your home for sale in Tucson who knows all the answers.

Once you have gone through his personal statistics; how much property did he sell last year, what commission does he expect and can he give you names of a few clients he represented, then you are in a position to chose the agent for your home for sale in Tucson.

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