Why So Many Celebrities Call Chelsea Home

by | Apr 23, 2014 | Real Estate

Celebrities find Chelsea a great place to live because it is a laid-back, low-key area with tons of things to do. This upscale area just West of Manhattan is perfect for anyone who wants a leisure life in the city. While living in Manhattan can be hectic, it doesn’t seem to be that way in the neighborhood of Chelsea. Celebrities are constantly looking for condos for sale in Chelsea, NYC. Whether it is their primary home or a second home, it’s certain that Chelsea has everything that anyone could want or need. There is a variety of home options available; such as, apartments, condominiums, tenements, row houses, townhouses and luxury highrises. Whatever suites a persons taste, they will definitely be able to find it in Chelsea. In Chelsea, NYC, home buyers will always find condo’s for sale; as well as, other home styles.

Things to See and Do in Chelsea

In addition to the variety of housing available in Chelsea, there are also many activities to engage in, that will not take you far from home. The Chelsea Piers, with all their many social activities, are located in Chelsea. There is a vibrant art scene in Chelsea that appeals to the celebrities who call Chelsea home. With all the many performance venues in New York City, many are located right in Chelsea. This makes it possible for celebrities to enjoy the arts without being in the thick of things. The famous Empire Diner is a great place to go after a night out enjoying a production at a local theater. Taking a long, leisure walk along the High Line, can also be quite relaxing. These are the day to day things that celebrities enjoy doing in Chelsea.

The Must Have List

Undoubtedly, like most people, celebrities also have a ‘must have’ list. This list has all the things that they want in a neighborhood, where they are considering purchasing a home. Obviously, Chelsea has a lot of what is listed on many ‘must have’ lists. Also, when they are searching for housing for sale in Chelsea, NYC, like a condo, they will often have a ‘must have’ list. Realtors do their best to accommodate their clients, realizing they stand a better chance of selling a home if they have many of the client’s ‘must haves’. Chelsea continues to be an attractive alternative to the fast pace of Hollywood. The number of celebrities flocking to Chelsea can attest to this.



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