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While an agent has the resources to get your home listing in front of more active buyers, there are also things you can do to help your real estate in College Station sell faster. If you want to find a buyer in the shortest amount of time, you should be actively helping your agent market the home. Once you have them send you links to the listings, you can use these tips to get your home in front of more potential buyers.

Set Up Frequent Open Houses
The sign in your front yard is an important marketing tool that will let neighbors and passersby know that your home is on the market. It will be much more effective when it’s also advertising an open house. People seeing the sign will be sure to return for the event.

Use Social Media
You should also be sharing links to your home’s online listings on your social media pages. While your agent is undoubtedly doing the same, their social media followers will be different than yours. By sharing the links to your listing on your own account, you’ll be doubling the exposure.

Use Bulletin Boards
You can print up copies of your listing to post on bulletin boards in your community. Many grocery stores, churches, and locally-owned businesses still hang bulletin boards that people in the community can use. Leaving your listing posted on community boards will expose it to more people who are interested in buying real estate in College Station.

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