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Lovely accommodations make a difference, especially if you plan on staying longer. If you’re looking for a vacation rental, here are some things to keep in mind. Make sure you factor these considerations into your decision before choosing a rental property.

Available Amenities

People often make assumptions about the amenities included. It wouldn’t hurt to check beforehand what those are. You’ll be better prepared if you know what’s missing instead of expecting that a coffee maker or ironing board will be there.

Internet Connection

Not all short-term rentals on Virginia Beach have a reliable Wi-Fi connection. Even if you’re there for a vacation, you’ll likely need a secure and steady internet connection so you can check on your emails, send replies, and stay current with any ongoing projects you have back at the office.

Household Items

It might seem tedious, but you’ll want to check if there are beach towels, umbrellas, hair dryers, and other bulky items at the rental property. If they’re available to the guests, you won’t need to waste luggage space on them.

House Rules

Check the terms and conditions, especially the house rules, before you make a reservation. Some have a strict limit on the number of guests. Some guests might not even be allowed to visit. If you break any of the house rules, you and your group might get kicked out, so be careful. You might also get a penalty fee.

Convenient Location

Pick a rental with convenient access to shops, transportation hubs, and restaurants. If you want to try living like a local for a month, a central location will save you a lot of time and money.

Cancellation Policies

Of course, you want everything to be perfect. But if emergencies happen and you need to change your dates, a flexible cancellation policy will make that happen. Check for that before you book.

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