Amenities That Make Off-Campus Housing Communities Especially Appealing

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College students who enjoy being outdoors might look for off-campus housing in Oxford, MS, with an emphasis on outside activities. Several outdoor features provide the opportunity to socialize, have fun, stay physically fit and cook on a grill.

Outdoor Exercise

Amenities like a swimming pool and courts for volleyball and basketball provide the chance for healthy exercise while enjoying time with friends. Swimming has the advantage of being able to participate solo when someone happens to be alone or prefers solitude at the moment. When a basketball court is empty, it’s available for anybody who wants to practice shooting hoops.

Outdoor Socializing and Cooking

Cabanas by the pool, along with grilling stations, provide further socialization opportunities at off-campus housing in Oxford, MS. Students who enjoy cooking outdoors now have the chance to do so whenever the weather is cooperative. They probably missed this during the time spent living in a residence hall.

Indoor Amenities

Of course, residents also want indoor amenities for similar pursuits. A 24-hour fitness center with an abundance of equipment may be desirable. A common area room where friends can shoot pool and play other games is appealing to many students looking for a place to relax. In the apartment, a large kitchen makes it easy for amateur chefs to cook from scratch when they have the time.

This kind of apartment community feels like an entire lifestyle instead of simply a dwelling. Information on a complex with these features can be viewed at, the website of Lark Oxford.

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