Are There Affordable Short Term Rentals in the San Diego Area?

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What Are Short Term Rentals?

Short-term rentals are furnished apartments or homes that can be rented for a shorter time period. This latest housing trend is a huge part of the corporate housing market that provides temporary housing to travelers and those who may not be able to afford permanent housing.

Short-term rentals in San Diego are just like anywhere else. They offer the basic comforts of home, including a bath and a kitchenette. Some even have washers and dryers. Some places even allow pets.

How Do Short-Term Rentals Benefit Consumers And The Housing Market?

Short-term rentals have several benefits for consumers. They are a cheaper alternative to renting an apartment or a hotel room. In fact, short-term rentals can be up to 50% cheaper than an apartment or a house. Those looking for a temporary solution to housing might find it in temporary housing such as a short-term rental. Short-stay rentals are a great opportunity for those who need to travel for work or who are going on vacation for an extended period.

What Are The Perks For Landlords?

For landlords, short-stay properties offer better solutions to long-term leasing. It’s an easy way to make a better profit. Landlords can make up to 20% more in rental income without paying additional fees. Plus, residents can stay as little as 30 days without signing a lease.

Are There Short-Term Rentals in San Diego?

Temporary housing is available in the San Diego area. There are several options for temporary housing. Visit us online at today to learn more.

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