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When people think of Virginia, the first name that may pop up is Virginia Beach. It is a very popular area to live and play in. Yet, if you are considering looking at beach vacation rentals in Virginia, why not think beyond the busy and the crowded? Why not check out what is available in nearby Norfolk?

Pitch your Beach Umbrella Here

There is nothing wrong with Virginia Beach. However, if you want more room on the beach for you and your family, why not look at those long stretches of sand and calm waters that make up the beaches of Norfolk? When looking at beach vacation rentals be sure to check out those close to the sandy shores listed below.

Ocean View Beach: This sugar-white beach stretches along the Chesapeake Bay. It is located in the Ocean View neighborhood. It is ideal for families with young children. They can safely play in the gently lapping water. Adults and older children can kayak or swim.

Willoughby Beach: Part of the Ocean View beach complex, this stretch of sand is known for its great casual dining experiences and beautiful sunsets.

East Beach: This beach area is thriving. The beach is very much alive with the vitality of this rejuvenated neighborhood. Everything is easy to access, although there are some issues regarding parking.

Beach Vacation Rentals

These are not the only beaches. Norfolk is well-known for its plentiful lengthy stretches of sand and water. Finding the best beach rental possible is not impossible.

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