Beachside Military Officers Housing In Norfolk Virginia. You Want In?

by | Jan 10, 2020 | Real Estate

When you live the military life, you live a different kind of life, and this includes different kinds of stresses. Everything is based on schedules, you follow the same routines day in and day out, and you don’t get to see your family as much as you would like. However, you want to serve your country because you love your country, and we appreciate that. This is why we offer military officers housing in Norfolk.

Keeping It Simple

When you travel, you want to travel light. And when you move into a new location, you don’t want the hassle of moving furniture. If you were to take that route, you would either be spending a lot of money to hire movers or you would be hassling friends to help you move. You don’t want to be in either situation.

With our military officers housing in Norfolk VA, you don’t have to move any furniture. Our properties are already furnished. All you need to bring is a suitcase. And if you really like to travel light, then maybe just a bag. Whatever the case may be, when you move into one of our properties, you’re also going to have utilities, cable, high-speed internet, televisions, and housewares.

More Information

If you want to be only five miles from the naval bases yet feel like you’re an eternity away, then our military housing in Norfolk on the beach is exactly what you want. If you would like more information about Boardwalk Realty & Development, give us a call at 000-583-00000.


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