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For most people, the thought of living in a condo seems too much like living in an apartment. While they are similar in features, you do have more freedom in a condominium unit than an apartment building. However, there are a variety of advantages to choosing luxury condos in NYC, including extra amenities and many others. Understanding these benefits may help you make a decision.


Most people dislike apartments because of their closer proximity to the neighbors. While this can be a hassle sometimes, individuals are screened thoroughly before being allowed to move into the condo building. Chances are, you won’t get next to someone who blasts their music or is rude to you. Plus, you’d still have neighbors while living in a house and they can still be bothersome.


While it may not seem like an advantage, luxury condos in NYC come with rules and fees associated with them that most apartments and homes do not include. It may seem like you’re paying a lot extra in fees, but you get a lot of extra perks. For one thing, when anything breaks, you don’t receive a bill for repairs/replacement. For another, the fees allow you to use the amenities provided, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, spas, lounges and rooftop terraces.

The rules are in place for everyone, so you can expect to find it more hospitable than in an apartment where anything goes. Some rules will keep property values higher. You won’t be subjected to gaudy outside knick-knacks because they won’t be allowed. You may also have rules in place that determine how many guests are allowed and when. This ensures that you remain safe and things stay quiet during the night (no parties).

In short, luxury condos in NYC will provide you with the excitement of new neighbors and the security of rules.

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