Comfortable Living While Being Off the College Campus

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Before moving into a college dorm, consider some of the other housing options that you have. If you’re someone who doesn’t like being in tight spaces or who wants to share a home with a few other people, then consider an apartment community that’s designed to welcome college students.

Bonding With Others

A benefit of student housing near UGA is that there will be several other students in close proximity of your home. You can make new friends and even set up meetings so that you can study together. There’s also time for you to watch movies together and do other fun activities so that you have a well-rounded college experience.

Signing the Lease

When you move into student housing near UGA, you can usually sign your own lease. This is beneficial if you only plan to live in the home for a short length of time. If you have roommates, they can usually sign individual leases as well, which means that they could stay in the home at the end of the lease while you leave to find somewhere else to live.


Some apartments for students already have furniture in them, such as a bed and basic appliances. If you don’t have these items or don’t have the money to purchase them, then this would be a way to save money. Most communities have a laundry area, a lounge where you can relax, and a fitness room where you can exercise. These are amenities that you might not have available if you were to live on campus.

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