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The city of Norfolk has a bustling economy that’s dominated by naval operations. Some of the nation’s largest shipyards and naval bases are located at this waterfront community in the heart of the Hampton Roads region. Military rentals in Norfolk, Virginia are exclusively available to any active members of the United States Armed Forces. When you verify membership, you will qualify for special deals and discounts on apartments or homes for rent. Most military rentals in Norfolk, Virginia are conveniently located near the major bases and other busy facilities that provide employment in the region. You will also have easy access to Norfolk International Airport, which operates commercial flights and general aviation flights.

Residential Communities For Your Lifestyle

Military rentals in Norfolk, Virginia are available in quiet and safe neighborhoods. You could rent a home with multiple bedrooms to accommodate the size of your family. Likewise, there are plenty of small apartments for rent in this urban area of Hampton Roads. If you’re single, you could find an affordable one-bedroom unit near the waterfront district of the city. Some apartments are also close to Virginia Beach, which has one of the top beaches in the state. Of course, the military-friendly communities have premium on-site amenities, including fitness centers and outdoor swimming pools. Reserved parking spaces might be available at some residential subdivisions in upscale districts of Norfolk. For more information, please visit Boardwalk Realty & Development.

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