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There are certain questions that are crucial to know the answers to before renting an apartment. Making sure you know the answers to these questions will help you feel confident when making a decision about off-campus student housing near the University of South Carolina.

The first question you should ask is, how much is the rent? Also, find out what other costs are associated with living in the apartment. Ask if there are fees related to storage, pets, or terminating the lease early. You want to be fully aware of any fees that you will be required to pay throughout your time in the apartment.

As you are asking about costs, find out how much you will have to pay for the security deposit. This can sometimes be up to three months’ rent. Find out if utilities and Internet are included. With off-campus student housing at the University of South Carolina, it is common for management to pay for electricity and Internet. However, make sure you know the facts before signing the lease.

Ask questions about transportation and storage related to transportation. For example, find out if you will be charged for parking. Ask if the place where you will park your car will be covered. If you have a bike, ask if they offer bike storage. Also, ask if they have a shuttle that goes to the university.

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