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Student Housing

Going out of state for a university means that you’re going to have to look for somewhere to live. You could search for a standard apartment. However, you might not be satisfied with it due to a couple of factors: You’ll have to furnish it yourself, and you’ll have standard rates that might be way too much for you. Consider looking for alternatives, such as student living in Tuscaloosa, AL.


Depending on your major, you may have a lot of free time for activities. If so, you’re going to want to look at apartment complexes that offer many activities. First, look for housing with a pool. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy swimming while hanging out with your friends. Next, look for a place with a fitness center as you can spend your free time getting or staying in shape. Both of this fun and physically beneficial activities are reasons why you should look into student housing that offers activities.


Living the student lifestyle means that you might not have all of the time in the world to go out and do everything you want when you have to balance classes and then studying at home. Look for student housing that offers you convenience so that you not only maximize your study time; you aren’t wasting your precious free time. The first type of facility you should look for is a laundry room. You can spend hours at the laundromat waiting for your clothes to finish, so look for somewhere that offers laundry machines in-unit so you can study while waiting for your clothes. Additionally, you should find somewhere that offers a study center on-site so you can study in a quiet setting. Having a separate study area means you won’t be distracted by your roommates. A separate student area may significantly improve your grades.


If you’re seeking activities and a quiet area, we offer the perfect option: student living in Tuscaloosa, AL. Lark in the Woods at provides everything students need in an affordable setting. Consider moving into Lark in the Woods when you need a complete solution for your student housing.

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