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Las Vegas is one of the most exciting cities in the world. For those who have never been there are missing out on experiencing all of the wonderful activities for adults and children. The city is full of life and beauty and, there are more attractions than you could ever imagine. There are many Las Vegas points of interest the entire family can enjoy.

If you stay on the Las Vegas Strip and if you have children, take them to Circus Circus. It is an incredible hotel and casino that features circus acts inside. It is especially made for those who enjoy a great act at a great price….free.

If you want to view some incredible feats of engineering, then you can’t miss the Fountains of Bellagio. Las Vegas points of interest include a world class water show with music that will leave you breathless. It occurs every evening with thousands of visitors and tourists taking in the incredible show.

Fremont Street is another historical place that will leave you fascinated. It is covered with a canopy and a sound system that will leave you enamored with its mesmerizing light show and music.

On the strip, once again, there is an incredible exhibition. A volcano explodes to the joy and wonder of hundreds of onlookers every night. It is an incredible spectacle.

Las Vegas points of interest abound in the city. Another would be the M&M factory on the Las Vegas Strip. There is so much to see! It is easy to understand why thousands visit every day. Another benefit is that it’s free. Come in and get your favorite ice cream with your favorite topping. On the lower levels, kids and adults alike will have the time of their life playing arcade games and rock wall climbing. It is a great experience for everyone.

At the Silverton Hotel, not only will you experience incredible service and accommodations, you will find one of the most unique aquariums in the world. Las Vegas points of interest include this most attractive aquarium that is home to over 4,000 types of exotic fish. In addition, there are mermaids that swim around with these exotic sea creatures for a memorable experience.

Las Vegas Points of Interest include so many activities and attractions for the entire family. There is so much to do and see as well as memories waiting to be made. It is a destination that no individual should miss.

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