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Great Grocery Stores in the New York Area

by | Oct 15, 2014 | Real Estate

While searching for furnished apartments for rent in New York, there are a few things that renters always consider when they are making their decisions on where to live. They may want, for example, to live near a good church or close to their children’s schools. Families always wonder where the nearest and best grocery stores are, and it affects their decision greatly. There are few different types of stores in the big metropolitan area of New York.

Organic Grocery Stores

Close to many furnished apartments for rent in New York are organic grocery stores. These are simply grocery stores that sell food that are produced by organic methods of farming. If you are a health conscious shopper, then you may want to know where they are in relation to where you live. One of these is Whole Foods Market, and they are located at 4 Union Square in New York, NY. Right between Broadway and University Place is where many vegans go for some of the tastiest delights on the market. There’s another location of theirs at 95 East Houston Street, another one at the Time Warner Center (the official address is 10 Columbus Circle), one on 250 7th Avenue, and another Whole Foods Market at 270 Greenwich Street.

Farmers Markets

An official Farmers Market will likely be searched for as well by leasers when deciding on their furnished apartments for rent in New York. A Farmers Market has a few unique characteristics about itself, mainly that local farmers are the owners of the establishments. Shoppers are looking for the freshest possible foods when they visit a grocery store like this, and are very particular when choosing their meats, cheeses, fruits, veggies, and baked items. Inwood Farmers Market is a great one to choose. They are located in New York, NY between Seamen and Park Terrace West. Union Square Green Market is located at 1 Union Square West, and is also a great place featuring local farmers. The store itself is between 15th and 17th Street. On 352 West 52nd Street and 9th Avenue is yet another great farmers market called Stile’s that have a reputation for having some of the best priced products in the area.

Regular Grocery Stores

If you’re not in need of either of the specialty stores and simply have to have a reliable grocer (one that is near your furnished apartment for rent in New York) then don’t worry. You have plenty to choose from. On the Upper East Side is Fairway Market on 240 East 86th Street, and they are known for great quality fish in particular. Their other location is praised for its wonderful cheeses, and it’s between 25th and 26th Street on 766 Avenue of the Americas. Other notable stores are Trader Joe’s on 130 Court Street in Brooklyn, Garden of Eden Marketplace between Broadway and 5th Avenue, and Morton Williams on 311 East 23rd Street, one of the cheapest grocery stores in Manhattan.


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