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If you are posted at the naval station in Norfolk but want to stay off-base, there are plenty of decent properties available for rent. However, many military personnel end up paying considerably over the top because they don’t know how to save money.

If you don’t want to be exploited by your real estate agent, there are several important things that you need to keep in mind when renting a property in Norfolk.

Apply for Your BAH

The first thing that you need to do is to apply for your BAH, which is the Basic Allowance for Housing. This is very important and usually varies depending upon your pay grade and the number of dependents that you have.

If you are going to bring your family along with you near the base, it’s important that you get the BAH so that you can offset the costs of the rental. This will save you a decent amount of money as well.

Look for Military Properties Close to the Base

A number of real estate agents that sell properties near the naval station in Norfolk will show you properties that are available on short and long-term rentals. Don’t forget to ask the real estate agent about the average pricing for different regions and properties so that you can set your expectations right and compare your choices. Also, it’s important that you check just how far the house is from the base, as that’s going to affect your daily commute as well. To know more please contact Boardwalk Realty and Development.

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