Is Living in a Student Apartment Better for Introverts or Extroverts?

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It seems that wherever you go, making friends and meeting new people is part of the college experience. If you’re an extrovert, you probably can’t wait to get out there and start making connections. But if you’re an introvert, you probably want to take time for yourself once in a while. As you look at university student housing in Baton Rouge, you’ve probably asked yourself: is student housing better for introverts or extroverts?

What Personality Type is Best For Student Housing?

It might surprise you, but the answer is both. Student housing is obviously a great option for extroverts. You can room with as many as four different people, which offers a great opportunity to make new friends. You’ll get access to special events and be surrounded by fellow college students. Plus, the various amenities like the gym and the clubhouse give you even more opportunities to meet new people. Living in a student apartment is essentially an extrovert’s dream.

And if you’re an introvert, living in a student apartment is actually better than staying in a dorm room. Unlike a dorm room, you’ll have a bedroom all to yourself with a door that locks. No matter how many roommates you have, you’ll always have your own private space. Plus, you can choose how many roommates you want to have, whether it’s one or four. You can even rent an entire studio apartment all by yourself. To check out university student housing in Ion Baton Rouge, visit the Ion website now.

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