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What is a Digital Directory?

A digital directory is a guide to your building’s layout and offices that’s visible on any TV screen. Depending on the software you use, you can design a directory in landscape or portrait orientation, update information instantly over the Internet and even rotate in other graphics and content.

Digital directories are a wonderful solution for a number of businesses or buildings, especially large or multi-level buildings and complexes. They can be used in office spaces, commercial buildings, malls, hospitals, hotels, airports, campuses, etc.

Best Digital Building Directories

To help you make the best digital directory we have defined the best practice design tips for making a digital directory. These tips will help you make a digital directory system that is easy to view, engaging, and effective.

  1. Selecting the right orientation
    There are two orientations exist for digital directory design, one is portrait and second, landscape. It will rely upon on the number of listings you will have and the location of each directory display.
  2. Make it easy to read
    It can be challenging in the design process, but the directory should contain font sizes large enough to be readable from a distance. Sans Serif font is recommended and depending on the size of the display, make use of 20-30 point font or larger is recommended.
  3. Balancing visual layout
    When choosing a digital directory vendor for your signage make sure the look and feel is not cluttered. Make sure you have enough space between things and the screen’s content does not look crowded. Make sure you use the bold font, HD images, and select a theme of colors that companion each other.
  4. Branding requirements
    The whole layout and style of the digital directory should match your branding requirements; font styles, colors, and logos should all be included in the design. If you don’t have brand colors, use professional and more generic colors for a digital directory layout.

Benefits of Digital Directories for Commercial Property

  • They erase confusion and save a lot of time for visitors who are not aware of the layout.
  • They can be programmed to showcase various escape routes when an emergency arises.
  • They have the option to add up news updates, and weather feeds.
  • They can show available office space available in a building at a glance.
  • They can manage data from any computer in the building.
  • They can showcase amenities, events, maps and wayfinding around the building.
  • It demonstrates valuable information to visitors without skipping any essential information.

Benefits of Custom Digital Building Directories

  • Make a custom digital directory to match your building colors and style.
  • Screen brightness is very important to be easily read in day or night conditions.
  • Making sure your digital directory displays the correct listing information at all times.
  • Edit the details of each directory listing remotely.
  • Make an impression on visitors with a bright customized digital directory that looks expensive but really isn’t.


Finally, digital directories only need a standard TV screen for display and one admin to convey important information to visitors without sacrificing quality and time, even when using multiple screens.

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