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Luxury Apartments For Sale In NYC Offer More Variety Than Traditional Versions

by | May 16, 2016 | Real Estate

Most people consider luxury apartments for sale in NYC because they have more amenities and features that are desirable. While they can cost more, as well, most people don’t mind the added cost because they know they’re getting a lot for their buck. However, it is imperative that you will use the amenities offered since you must pay for them whether they’re used or not.


In most cases, luxury apartments for sale in NYC either provide historical options or newer versions. Some older buildings are remodeled, but they may still look older. You likely want something with crisp, clear lines, modern styles and excitement everywhere you look.

However, architecture can also make your life easier, more elegant and richer than you ever imagined possible. You may find Basaltina floors or fireplaces with black walnut in the lobby. Because you’re in NYC, most buildings will provide private gardens, potted plants or plantings on the roof to give you a touch of nature in a sea of concrete.

Rooftop Terraces

Roof terraces are an excellent way to get a beautiful view of the city, enjoy the comfortable seating and cook outdoors. Whether you want to pop up for a touch of sun or prefer to gaze out at the amazing skyline, you’ll find something to do. You may even be allowed to bring guests to wow them with what you call home.


Luxury apartments don’t usually forget children. They’ve got a special place just for them, so they don’t have to play on the streets or travel. Parents lead busy lives and may not be able to take them to parks or zoos. However, that doesn’t mean your children have to be cooped up in the house all day. They can find exciting toys and interesting décor to keep them busy.


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