Property managers in Clackamas work around the clock

by | Feb 18, 2013 | Real Estate

Professional property managers in Clackamas work full-time to make sure the investment property entrusted to them performs well. If this means getting up at 3 in the morning, so be it. The best will always perform, allowing the owner to rest comfortably knowing their investment is in good hands. As an owner, complete confidence in your property manager is of paramount importance.

Whether you own single or multi-family houses, apartment buildings, condos, townhouses, or light commercial, the common denominator is professional management. As the owner/investor, you do not want to actually manage the properties. Effective property management is a time consuming, hands-on job and is best left to property managers in Clackamas who have the skill and experience to make sure your investment returns the highest possible yield.

To maximize on the investment, the properties have to be filled with responsible tenants who care about the property and pay their rent on time. The property manager pays particular attention when pre-screening potential tenants. It is important your properties be occupied by tenants with a good employment record, clean credit report, and clean criminal report.

The duties of a property manager

The income comes from full-time occupancy with high-quality tenants; the outgo comes from maintenance and repairs. Just as selecting the right tenants is a skill, so is minimizing maintenance and repair costs. The seasoned property managers in Clackamas know from experience that routine property inspections are the best way to keep maintenance costs in check. It is no surprise that when a small problem is left to become a big problem the repair and possible replacement costs escalate. Even with routine inspections and preventative maintenance, emergencies do occur, and emergencies must be attended to immediately. Whether the emergency arises during the day or night, immediate attention must be rendered, which keeps the tenant happy and mitigates further problems.

Property owners look to their property management team to manage all the finances associated with the unit, including the timely collection of rents, the payment of taxes, mortgage, insurance, and vendor invoices. The balance is deposited instantly into the account of the owner using ACH transfer, and all records are immediately opened to the owner through their dedicated web portal.

There are a large number of properties on the market that have gone through foreclosure procedures; these properties are seen as investment opportunities by others. These properties are scattered across the country, but fortunately, today’s hi-tech society does not care if the owner lives away from the property locale. When a single owners or a consortium of owners have income properties in far-reaching places, they are best served by a property management team that serves the country from coast to coast.

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