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Are you finally out on your own and starting the journey of finding a new home? A one-bedroom condo in San Francisco may be just what you need! Condos are bigger than apartments, and especially if this is the first place you own, you will be staying for some time. There are a few questions to ask before buying to make sure you have found a place that works for you. Here are a few to ask before you settle on that condo.

  • What are the complaints? What do people that live in the building complain about the most? You can ask current owners what they think, or you can try to get some information from board meetings. If people have been continuously complaining about the same things, you may want to find a building that is quicker to accommodate their building inhabitants.
  • How’s management? Presumably, you will have to deal with management at some point. Are they difficult or are they easy to deal with? This is another thing that you can find out from people who currently live in the building. Unless you want to, you will not want to deal with management that makes any interaction miserable.
  • What about storage? Other than the condo itself, is there any storage space? Will you have a place to put your bicycle, kayak, or any other large item? Is there a place to park your car regularly? A place to store your extra things can be extremely helpful, especially as you continue on through life and accumulate new hobbies.
  • How’s the insurance policy? You should find out what the condominium itself offers for insurance. In case there is property damage, that is not of your own fault, like fire, will it be covered? What are the costs of updating the building, if there is any need? And will you have to pay for it? Insurance is an important aspect of the condominium.
  • Are there any rules? Of course, every building will have some set of rules to keep things in order, but how strict are they? It can even be as simple as hanging a wreath during the holidays, or a pet policy. Make sure that you know the community rules before ever signing anything.

Are You Ready to Find Your Condo?

The San Francisco area is a beautiful place to own property. A condo is just what you need if you are ready for a space of your own. Give The Austin a call today to find the perfect condo for you!

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