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In every country, you will find different travel sites online with ratings of the various hotels. If you spend some time, you will notice that the same chains of hotels tend to be ranked highest on the lists, regardless of the country. This is largely a name recognition issue, with some of the top hotels too new to make the list of the top 10 hotels while others are more structured for business travelers over tourists.

A small number of the top 10 hotels in Sri Lanka are both a new hotel as well as a hotel that is designed to handle the specific needs of business travelers. In the rapidly developing city of Colombo, these specialized hotels are a welcome addition as more industry moves into the capital and foreign businesses travel routinely to the city.

Business Hotel Differences

The unfortunate thing for business travelers is that in any rating of the 10 hotels in Sri Lanka, the business hotels are often overlooked. While they may also be ideal hotels for tourists, their focus on the business traveler has them marketing to a completely different set of visitors to the country.

Business hotels in Colombo offer some amazing features that business travelers will be able to use. They may offer meeting rooms for rent, allowing businesses to have their meetings without having to leave the hotel. They will also provide a range of business services to make your stay convenient.

As with any list of the 10 hotels in Sri Lanka, business hotels will have ratings from guests to support the level of guest service and business features they provide. These ratings are just as important as rankings on a list and can provide travelers with information on what they can expect during their stay. Click here for more details.

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