Rental Management: Advice When You Need it

by | Nov 26, 2013 | Property Management

If you own a rental property yet do not consider yourself knowledgeable regarding landlord and tenant laws, hiring a property manager may be advantageous to you. With rental management, Palm Beach Gardens professionals can make life easier for you by offering advice that could save you from expensive missteps and legal battles.  Caring for a rental property calls for strict adherence to certain health, housing, and safety codes. Regardless of whether a landlord breaks these codes knowingly or unintentionally, they may still be faced with violations, fines, or lawsuits.

Housing and Amenities
Landlords are obligated to honor certain regulations, including The Fair Housing Act. Fair housing protects buyers and renters from discrimination on the part of the owner.  For example, it would be illegal to reject a renter’s application based on their ethnicity or gender. Many landlords are not aware of their legal responsibilities, including the need for livable conditions in their rental properties. Tenants are entitled to amenities, doors with working locks, and living spaces free of any type of infestation. Property managers counsel clients on their legal duties, if necessary, and make sure every tenant receives equal treatment and a safe living space.

Leasing and Maintenance
Rental management in Palm Beach Gardens also include leasing and quick repairs which can also save owners from unpleasant consequences. It is important that owners understand which terms work well in a lease and which ones are considered illegal. For example, it would be illegal to add a term that gives you the right to evict tenants without proper notice. Experienced managers help clients choose legal terms that still benefit and protect their investments. Reliable repairs ensure all necessary fixes, both mundane and urgent, are completed within a timely manner. Allowing repairs to fall by the wayside can result in an injury, possibly followed by a lawsuit. Investment managers address maintenance swiftly to safeguard both you and your tenants.

Real Property Management delivers the guidance their clients can depend on. By offering leasing, speedy repairs, and much more, they will help you maintain a good legal standing.


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