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A recent survey of South Africa’s most exclusive areas has Johannesburg and Cape Town vying for the top spot, with two of the top five locations located in Johannesburg North.

The recently-released Lightstone survey revealed that Sandhurst, Westcliff and Dunkeld had fetched the highest prices in Gauteng as of November 2015, with average selling prices of R14.9 million, R 11 million and R 10.5 million respectively, occupying three positions on the list which was otherwise dominated by exclusive Cape Town suburbs.

As Johannesburg North continues to grow in popularity despite a shaky economy, we explore the suburbs in South Africa’s financial powerhouse that are fetching the richest sale prices and find out what makes these areas so desirable to property investors.

Sandhurst – In a class of its own

Nestled in the centre of the golden triangle between Hyde Park, Hurlingham and the Sandton CBD, Sandhurst is home to some of Johannesburg’s wealthiest residents.

The suburb’s reputation for magnificent signature homes, it’s exclusive status and lavish lifestyle, and the convenience of living just a short drive from Africa’s most important commercial hub continue to draw Johannesburg’s business elite to the immaculate streets of Sandhurst.

As Sandton continues to consolidate itself as the continent’s premier business hub, demand for property in Gauteng’s most exclusive area is likely to stay on the rise.

Westcliff – timeless opulence

Set against a hillside in the heart of Johannesburg’s old North, the genteel suburb of Westcliff maintains its air of old-world charm as it appeals to a new generation of exclusive residents.

The suburb’s landmark Westcliff Hotel, with its flamingo-pink façade and famous high teas and dinners, sets the tone for life on the hilltop. Stately homes, manicured gardens, and commanding views of old and new Johannesburg are just some of the benefits enjoyed by Westcliff residents, along with the suburb’s proximity to Sandton and Rosebank.

Several timeless Johannesburg recreational venues – including Zoo Lake and the Houghton golf club – provide ample diversion for Westcliff residents during their leisure hours.

Dunkeld – perfectly situated

The final top-placing Johannesburg suburb enjoys one of the best locations in the city – along with several other benefits that continue to draw exclusive buyers to Dunkeld.

Along with Westcliff, the enduring popularity of Dunkeld is proof that Johannesburg’s stately old suburbs remain just as popular as the glamorous new areas surrounding the Sandton CBD. Dunkeld’s location at the apex of Sandton, Rosebank, and Randburg, as well as the variety of stately homes and luxury apartments on offer in the suburb, have allowed it to maintain its position as a sought-after area for close to a century.

Solid investments for an uncertain economy

The enduring popularity of exclusive properties for sale in Johannesburg North, with rising prices in spite of a slow economy, provide great reason for optimism for both property investors and real estate marketers alike.

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