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While homeownership certainly has its benefits, there often comes a time when many current homeowners must quickly sell their properties. Unfortunately, many real estate markets require people to go through intricate steps and mountains of red tape if they choose to follow traditional home selling routes.The good news is, homeowners who live in the LA and Inglewood areas can now count on our real estate experts for quick approval and purchase of their homes. At our firm, we put the interests of our clients first, which is why we buy houses in Inglewood.

Save Time With our Service

Individuals who need to sell their homes quickly can find this task difficult if they choose to use avenues such as brokers, agents, and listings. These sales avenues can take untold amounts of time and are also very expensive. They often involve paying various commissions as well as expensive closing costs. Here at our firm, we cut out all of the steps with our quick review and approval process. We accept homes in all conditions, not just structures in the nicest neighborhoods. Plus, current homeowners can quickly and easily start the process through our online portal.

The process is easy. Homebuyers simply enter their contact information and set an appointment date of their choice. Next, our experts meet the homebuyers at their properties, do a walk around, and discuss terms. Finally, once terms are settled upon we transfer the cash and the deal is sealed.

If you are a homeowner in the LA area, don’t wait or put up with the red-tape inherent to the traditional process. Contact us now at John Medina Buys Houses or fill out the free online application to get your fast home buying process in gear. Don’t wait, because we buy houses in Inglewood.

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