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While in college, you may assume that you must live in dorms or remain at home with your family. Yet, there are options available to you. You can choose student apartments that will allow you to get more from your student lifestyle. Continue reading below to learn about the advantages that come with this choice.

Monthly Payments

When you live in the dorms, you usually pay one lump sum per semester or payment for the entire year. The expenses include your room along with the costs of the utilities. But, with BGSU off-campus housing, you can make monthly payments to cover the amount. This arrangement is helpful when you could not save and would benefit from smaller fees that are easier to manage. You also get assistance from your roommates with covering utilities and keeping your apartment cleaned.

Increased Independence

With dorms, there are many restrictions you have to deal with about your living arrangements. There will be limitations on your time with guests and could also be limitations on your activities. Yet, BGSU off-campus housing allows you to enjoy more independence with how you live. You have to be respectful to your roommates and others in the community. After ensuring that gets done, you can have as many guests as you want and are free to come and go as you please.

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