The Awesome Benefits of Living in New Luxury Condos NYC

by | Apr 22, 2013 | Real Estate

Luxury condos are very popular in hot destination areas like Florida and California. People who want to have a temporary vacation home with hotel services while enjoying the beaches and golf courses like to rent out luxury condos. But what about the people in the city? Can they rent or buy luxury condos as well?

The Big Apple has a wide offering of luxury condos. That’s because there’s a huge number of career men and women who’d like to live in an upscale development, but without all the fuss of home maintenance. If you are someone considering this, you can check out new luxury condos NYC.

Features and Benefits of NYC Luxury Condos

Upon doing your real estate research, you’ll come across a number of options. Here is a list of amenities and features that you can focus on when picking the right luxury condo for you:

1. The kitchen should be composed of granite countertops, wood cabinets and stainless steel kitchen appliances. Kitchens are a focal point in new luxury condos NYC.

2. The bathroom should be composed of marble countertops, marble tile flooring, dual vanities, high-end faucets, shower and bath tubs.

3. The laundry area should be spacious enough to store extra appliances aside from the washer and drier.

4. The different rooms should be composed of high quality furniture with designs matching the interior of the entire unit. Furniture should be both highly functional and decorative at the same time.

5. There should be a balcony where you can enjoy the fresh cool air and the panoramic views of the New York cityscape.

6. The luxury condo should offer you the best security in town. There must be security systems installed in elevators and rooms aside from the usual video cameras, burglar alarms and fire systems.

7. Car parking should be spacious and well-designed. No one wants to pay a premium price for a condo and deal with poor parking space every day.

8. Amenities should at least include a gym, swimming pool and conference rooms. The bigger developments offer more amenities like tennis courts, gardens, deck gardens, BBQ pits, spa and many more.

It’s quite impossible to have all these features in a normal neighborhood home. If you want to upgrade your lifestyle and can afford to, allow yourself to enjoy all these awesome benefits from the new luxury condos NYC. It will be a worthwhile investment as real estate in NYC will continue to increase in value in the coming years.

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