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In today’s highly competitive real estate, market companies are doing everything they can to stand out to buyers. This means offering a whole slew of nice amenities that are not available in other properties in the area. It is not uncommon to find gym facilities, and some of the best locations in the area even come with a built-in pool to swim in year round. There is a feature that many New Yorker’s have a hard time passing up, and it is one thing that is worth looking into. Spend some time looking for a facility with a pool built right in, and it will be easy to get out and get some exercise, no matter what time of day it is.

Exercise Year Round

Getting enough exercise is tough anywhere when dealing with a full work schedule, but it is even more difficult when one has to take out time to travel to and from a gym location. That is why it is so nice to have a gym or one of the Manhattan luxury condos with a pool. Occupants can simply go to the gym and workout as needed. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise, and having a full-sized pool right in the building makes it easy to get in plenty of swim time throughout the year.

Have Friends and Family Over

It is fun to have friends and family over for a visit, but they will be even more excited to come and visit when there is a pool in the building. Everyone who comes can enjoy the luxury of swimming in a pool without travelling to a local community center. This means that the swimming is likely less crowded and much more enjoyable overall.

Avoid Travelling to the Local Pool

One of the biggest benefits of a facility with a built in pool is that the owner no longer has to travel around town in order to find a location to swim at. Instead, they can simply climb in the elevator and go to the proper floor to make use of the built-in pool. It is as easy as that and it is a great feature to have for families with children.

Each year more facilities are beginning to offer swimming pools to residents, but it is still relatively rare. Only the highest quality luxury facilities like 252 East 57th have true full sized pools available for swimming in. That is why they are worth the prices that they charge, and why so many buyers are looking long and hard for the best Manhattan luxury condos with a pool.


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