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The Many Reasons Why You Should Move Off-Campus in Lafayette

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Student Accommodation Center

If you are tired of living in a boring old dorm room that’s like a blast from the past, then maybe it’s time for an upgrade. The latest off-campus apartments to come to the market feature so many amenities that you’ll wonder why you ever considered living on campus in the first place. Some of the best off-campus student housing in West Lafayette, IN, now features impressive amenities like complete fitness centers and indoor basketball courts that will keep your heart pounding on even the most boring of school days.

These properties also feature extensive clubhouses that offer the chance to play popular games like pool. That way you’ll always have a place to kick back and relax after a long day at school. What really makes these properties so special though are their amazing pools. If you choose to live in off-campus student housing in West Lafayette, IN, you’ll have an ice-cold pool at your ready alongside a steaming hot tub so that you can thoroughly enjoy your time this year as a student.

If you were living on campus, you would probably be stuffed into a studio apartment, but when students live off-campus, they get an entire townhome. These townhomes come with updated appliances and spacious living rooms so that you’ll never feel like you are stuck in your bedroom while studying throughout the year. Roomy balconies and patios will also be at your beck and call throughout the semester if you wisely choose to take up quarters off-campus. So, if you’re ready to make an upgrade to your living quarters today, head on over to Lark West Lafayette by visiting their website.


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