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When you’re looking to purchase investment property that you will be renting out, you need to think carefully about your investment goals and plans. You also need to get some professional help so you’ll be able to make a good decision and translate the opportunity into success. At Los Angeles Property Management Group, there are a few things we help our investors with when they’re making an investment.

Short Term and Long Term Financial Goals
Earning a strong return is probably one of your investment priorities. Most of your money will be made on the appreciation of your property, which means long term returns will be a major factor in your earning potential. Short term cash flow is necessary too, just make sure you’re setting goals and expectations that are achievable. Your profits will be impacted by the choices you make, such as location, repairs, and rental amounts. Talk to a professional property manager who can tell you what to expect before you buy.

Budgeting for Repairs
Don’t be afraid to invest in properties that need a little work. Some residential and commercial properties can be bought at a discount if you’re willing to make some repairs. When you have access to a property management company that has an in-house maintenance division who can work quickly and stay within your budget, you’re going to have a strong advantage in making more money on the property. Renovations are a good way to increase the value of your asset before you even put it on the market.

Finding the Right Property
A good property management company will help you identify opportunities for investment. While prices have been rising pretty steadily, you can still find a good deal, depending on what you’re looking for. Be willing to think outside the box. For example, if you’ve never considered commercial buildings before, this might be a good time to diversify your portfolio with that kind of investment.

If you have any questions about your current investment portfolio, or you’d like to start planning for additional purchases, contact us at Los Angeles Property Management Group by calling 818 646-8151.   We work with new and experienced investors just like you, and we can help you make real estate investing a successful experience.

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