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Three Signs You Are Ready to Move Off of Campus Next Semester

by | Mar 7, 2022 | Student Housing Center

If you live in the dorms, you realize that there are a lot of advantages to being fully immersed in college life by living on campus. There does come a point in every student’s career where it’s time for them to move off of campus. This could be by renting a house or student apartments at the University of Oklahoma. If you aren’t sure about moving, here are some signs you are ready to move off of campus.

Cost – Take a look at your tuition bill. You may be surprised by the amount of money you are paying to live on campus in a dorm. Often, it is much more expensive than living in nearby student apartments at the University of Oklahoma. This doesn’t even include the mandatory meal plan that many schools require you to buy when living on campus.

Independence – Now that you have adjusted to college life, you are probably ready for a more independent lifestyle. The best way to achieve this is to get your own place and live off-campus. If you are feeling too dependent on your surroundings, you should move off-campus.

Amenities – Apartment buildings usually have amenities, like workout centers, personal laundry, and other features, that you won’t find in the dorms. If you want more out of your living situation, move out.

If you have been in school for a while, you are probably starting to get the itch to move off-campus next semester. If you are ready, start looking for your next place at Redpoint Norman at redpoint-norman.com.


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