Top 3 Reasons You Should be Considering Midtown East Condos!

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If you are shopping for a new condo and you have yet considered midtown east condos for sale, look at these top 3 reasons for why you SHOULD be looking at midtown east condos.

  1. Its an iconic neighborhood
  2. It always maintains value
  3. It is one of the most family friendly areas of Manhattan

Iconic Neighborhood

If you had to pick one neighborhood in the city that really depicts what living in New York City looks like, visions of the Midtown east area where it collides with the upper east side would dance in your head. This area is simply an iconic area. It has been the backdrop to so many movies, paintings and portraits that it has become the expectation of what it looks like to live in the city. Of course, it is froth with historic buildings and landmarks, museums and culture abound. It is hard not to fall in love with this area of Manhattan.

The Value is Up

When in 2009 the rest of the city was feeling the pinch of the real estate market crash the areas on the upper east side and midtown east barely felt a twang. Market watchers reported that the values for midtown east condos and the upper east side in general never took a dip, they stayed steady through the storm. It is the fact that these are established areas that reflect true market value that kept the area a stronghold during the real estate market problems.

Family Friendly

The top schools are located nearby, there are parks and museums, dining opportunities and other fun activities that whole family can enjoy together. The area is safe and welcoming. Don’t buy anything until you have visited 200 E 62nd. You will fall instantly in love!

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