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Top 4 Advantages of Living in the University of Alabama Off-Campus Housing

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Student Accommodation Center

College is a time of freedom, new experiences, and opportunities. It’s also a time when you’re going to be living by yourself for the first time. Whether it’s your first year away from home or you’ve been out on your own before, some things can make living off-campus more enjoyable than being in dorms. Here are five reasons why many students prefer to in the University of Alabama off-campus housing.

You Can Live in a House or Apartment with Other College Students

One of the best things about living in University of Alabama off-campus housing is that you’ll have a house or apartment all to yourself. You’re not just limited to dorms but can find housing wherever you want in your school’s vicinity.

Living off-Campus Means You Are More Independent and Don’t Have to Abide by Dorm Rules

There are no set meal times, dress codes, or curfews for students who live off-campus. This can be especially helpful if your studies require late-night work sessions as well as weekend classes or exams. You’ll also want a place of your own to study for tests and do your homework without the distraction of roommates.

Off-Campus Housing Is Usually Cheaper Than on Campus Housing

Rent can be a huge expense for students. Living in off-campus housing means that you have more freedom to choose your location and budget.

It’s Easier to Find Parking for Your Car at an off-Campus Apartment Building Than It Is on Campus

Commuting to and from campus can be a pain. If you live off-campus, it’s easier to find parking for your car closer to where you’ll be living.

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