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University of California, Riverside Residence

When searching for affordable UCR off-campus housing, you should be prepared to share a unit with roommates. Most managed properties offer roommate-matching services when you apply officially through the company’s portal. You will fill out an extensive form that specifies your preferences for compatible individuals. Some UCR off-campus housing offers short-term leases for a single semester. If you transfer from another college, you could take advantage of such convenient leasing options at market prices. However, long-term leases generally provide more savings for university students. When you move into an off-campus complex near the campus, you will have to pay a security deposit and some other initial fees. Based on your record as a tenant, you will receive the full or partial amount of the security deposit at the expiration of the rental agreement. You won’t be responsible for any outstanding balances and other fees imposed on your roommates.

Living in Luxury Near University of California, Riverside

Some UCR off-campus housing units offer premium recreational amenities that are available on a seasonal basis. For example, the outdoor swimming pool will most likely be open only during the late spring and entire summer. Designed for enhanced security, the fenced pool area won’t be open to any unauthorized people. Surveillance systems also track the movement of all guests on the community’s common grounds. You will feel secure and comfortable inside the private lounge in the lobby or clubhouse.

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