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When you have a property in need of a tenant, you cannot simply place an advertisement online, accept their money, and hope for the best. As the owner of the property, you are liable for what happens there. If unsavory folks end up living in your home, you could end up paying the price. While the temptation in a volatile housing market such as Arizona’s might be to just accept a tenant on the basis of his or her financial ability to pay you, keep in mind that your property is an investment deserving of the kind of care you might give to your own house.

You wouldn’t leave your young children in the care of just any babysitter, right? Well, the same principle should apply to whomever you let lease your property. However, finding the right tenant can be a bit of a headache, and while going with your gut is a simple way to fill a property, it’s certainly not the safest or most efficient. At the same time, you might not have as much time to devote to your property’s care as you wish. For example, you may live out of town for part of all of the year. This is why we offer tenant placement services. We can use our many resources and expertise to help you find a qualified tenant.

Get Only Qualified Tenants for Your Properties

Simply Property Management offers a full range of tenant placement services in Phoenix and elsewhere in Arizona, from advertising for your property to conducting background and criminal checks, as well as verifying that prospective tenants are employed and have the kind of income that would allow them to pay you on time. We understand that you probably don’t have the time to screen every client yourself, which is why we can also hold open houses for you.

Take Advantage of Our Experience

With all of our staff’s years of experience in the field, we know that not everything always goes according to plan. No amount of background screening can take into account life’s many future changes, for you or your tenants. People lose jobs, and property can get damaged. There are many reasons why a landlord-tenant relationship can deteriorate. In the unfortunate event that for whatever reason you need to evict a tenant, or if they break their lease, we can help. We will then do whatever we can to ensure a better fit the next time around.

From start to finish, our tenant placement services aim to match property owners with the right tenants. We help the landlord maximize the potential of their investment. We help tenants get the best value for their money. Even if you don’t live nearby, Simply Property Management can hold onto the keys for you and make sure they’re placed in the right hands.

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