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Why It’s Better for Clemson Students to Live in Apartments Than Dorms

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Student Accommodation Center

The most popular housing options for college students are apartments and dorms. Both have their advantages, but when it comes to your choices at Clemson University, going with Clemson off-campus housing is simply a better alternative to living in the dorms.

The Benefits of College-Apartment Life

Perhaps the greatest advantage of an apartment over a dorm is that you will have more privacy. Apartments have more space, and you’re less likely to be crammed in a small room with a roommate you may or may not know that well or even like. Furthermore, most dorms have shared bathrooms, and there’s very little that’s private with that type of arrangement. More space also means that you’re going to feel less cramped and claustrophobic, and that’s a good thing from a mental-health perspective.

There’s no denying that you will have more freedom in an apartment versus a dorm. You won’t have an RA and an RD and whoever else restricting what you do, and, after all, one of the reasons why you came to college was likely to get away from rules. Of course, you’ve got to be respectful to those around you in an apartment, but, as long as you’re not bothering anyone, no one’s going to be bothering you.

An apartment also allows you to prepare your food in your very own kitchen. For Clemson off-campus housing units with great atmosphere and plenty of amenities, take a look at the apartments available through The Reserve at Clemson.


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