Why Living in Student Apartments Is Far Better Than Living in a Dorm

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When enrolling in college, you’ll have many choices that you will have to make which can affect your future. One of these choices is where you will live while going to school. There are many reasons why living in UW Madison Apartments is a better option than moving into a college dorm.

Learn About Life

When you live on your own in your own apartment, you actually gain a significant amount of life experience that you simply cannot have when you are living under the roof of a college dorm. You are responsible for paying your own utility bills, stocking your own refrigerator, as well as treating the actual physical apartment with respect and care.

More Space

If you choose to live in a dorm room, you are living in exactly that, a room. An apartment, however, offers so much more than that. You’ll have your own bedroom, a living room, a private bathroom, your own kitchen, and maybe more depending on the size of the actual apartment that you rent.

It’s Cheaper

When you look at the big picture, apartments are far cheaper than living on campus. Sure, the price of the dorm is bundled into your tuition, but you still have to pay that money back to the lender. In fact, not only do you have to repay it, but there is interest tacked onto the repayment amount as well. When you live in UW Madison apartments, you pay monthly according to the terms of your lease or you can pay the entire lease term at once, but there is never any added interest to the rent amount.

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