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Widening the Search for Off-Campus Student Apartments in San Marcos, TX

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Real Estate

Large universities often are located in big metropolitan areas, but that’s not always the case. Texas State University has nearly 40,000 students and is situated in a city of fewer than 65,000 residents. This can make finding affordable, pleasant housing a bit of a challenge. Men and women who don’t mind living a couple of miles from campus can find appealing student apartments in San Marcos, TX, by widening the search.

Conducive to Studying

These individuals will want to find a place that’s conducive to studying. They won’t have to go back to campus for some peace and quiet. That typically means having one’s own private bedroom for study space. Another related amenity is a study lounge in the community, preferably one that is always open.

Other Attractive Features

When looking for student apartments in San Marcos, TX, prospective residents might consider some attractive features that balance out not living across the street from campus. For example, they may be able to find a community near a big park and a waterway.


These students might want to be close to a bus stop so that they don’t need to drive to campus. When the weather is cooperative, biking to school is an option.

Less Insulated from Society

In this location, college students feel immersed in the university lifestyle while also having a better sense of being city residents. They are less insulated from the society around the school and may appreciate this broader perspective.

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