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The Lake of the Ozarks region is diverse, rich in history and culture and considered one of the most interesting geographical locations in North America. One explanation of the name “Ozarks” comes from the French “aux arcs” French cartographers originally mapped this part of the country and the large, top most bend (or “arc”) in this part of the Arkansas River was referred to as the “aux arcs”. People visiting this part of the country would disembark at that point to explore what we now call the Ozarks.

Current attractions in the area however, are what continue to draw visitors, who often decide to “come and stay” once they’ve explored the area. Although the terrain and the forests lend themselves to a wide variety of activities from flyboarding to horseback riding -; the events calendar is what many find most fascinating. One event held each Spring is the Silver Cup Chef’s Challenge at the Seven Springs Winery. Every Sunday for four weeks, chefs compete for $1000 in prize money and a silver cup. Attendees get to sample the offerings as part of their ticket! Mardi Gras parties abound during the season, and a variety of charitable event fund-raisers involve entire communities in the effort throughout the year.

But, for most people, it’s the beauty of the natural surroundings that entice visitors to make Lake of the Ozarks and the Osage Beach area home. There is the beautiful lake itself, with 37 miles of lush, verdant fields of wildflowers to amazing panoramas from the top of the trails that leave one breathless.

So, a relocation to Lake of the Ozarks is to relocate to a pristine beauty and community-centered living that is impossible to capture in a big city. But, that doesn’t mean that some experienced advice and local knowledge won’t make the transition easier. Their team is a group of amazing, experienced Top Realtor in Littleton who are in tune with the local market and who can help you make the important decision of buying a home.

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