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4 Pitfalls to Choosing a Rental Apartment

by | Aug 10, 2017 | Real Estate

A lot of people think finding the right rental home is a product of happenstance. While that can be true on occasion, it’s always solid research that typically paves the way for excellent results. Lack of one makes it easy for you to end up with an overpriced unit.

Here are a few other common mistakes people make when they look for apartments. Read on so you’ll know what pitfalls to avoid when you start your search for two bedroom apartments in Long Beach CA.

Going with your emotions

You love the apartment as soon as you step inside. You refuse to see any of the other units on the list. You sign the lease even when it’s a good bit of distance from where you work nor do you factor in your new daily commuting hours as a result. That’s all going to lead to all sorts of problems for you. Don’t fall in love with the place too soon. See the big picture, says Wise Bread. Check out other options that might be more convenient for you.

Going out of budget

Stick to your budget. Those rental payments are going to take a chunk out of monthly income. Make sure you have enough in your bank account to cover your rent along with your daily expenses, car insurance payments and other bills you have.

Skipping through the contract

Review the rental agreement before you sign. Otherwise, you could miss conditions or details that might be deal-breakers for you.

Check for damage

Don’t move in until you inspect the apartment. Schedule a tour of the two bedroom apartments in Long Beach CA on your list before you decide. By doing a walk-in, you can easily check for damage. Do it with your landlord and make sure it’s documented so when the lease is up, you won’t find yourself paying for any repairs.


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