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If you are searching for real estate in San Francisco and have a family than obviously a two bedroom condo in San Francisco may be the best option, but what if you are a single or a couple, would a two bedroom condo in San Francisco still be the best choice? The answer may surprise you!

There Are Clear Benefits

Choosing a two bedroom over a one bedroom may be the best solution for a wide range of situations. Before you jump on that one bedroom condo consider the benefits of a two bedroom:

  • They are easier to resell should you need too
  • They provide you with more space
  • They grow in value quicker
  • They allow you more options for the future


Purchasing a two bedroom will provide you with a greater audience to sell too should you need to do that. There will be a larger market of buyers available because you will not be limiting yourself to singles or couples.

More Space

Living in SF means everyone wants to come and visit your city. Having a spare bedroom makes for a great place to host family and friends from all over! Of course, you could just use the extra bedroom as your home office space as well. It just open up the possibilities more for your space.

The Value

2 bedrooms are easier to sell which increases their value. If you buy early on in the right building it can be one of the best investments you make for now and for your future. You never know where life will take you. You could wind up meeting “the one” and starting a family. You will have the perfect space for today and tomorrow with a 2 bedroom condo! The Austin has great options for every need!

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