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Common Concerns for Students Thinking of Moving Off-Campus in Bellingham

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Apartment Building

If you are thinking of moving off-campus, it is likely that you have some concerns. Here are a couple of tips that will address the most common concerns students have when making this decision.

One of the things that you likely appreciate about living on campus is that it is easy to get to and from classes. While you may not arrive at class in just a matter of seconds if you find Western Washington University student apartments, this does not mean it has to take tons of time to get to class or that you will have to spend a fortune in transportation costs. The key is finding an apartment that is close to public transportation, walking routes, and major roads.

Many college students are concerned about the cost of finding Western Washington University student apartments. It is good for you to set up a realistic budget. This will help you to see if you can afford living off-campus or determine if you need to find a part-time job. A great way to save money is to find a place that will allow you to have a roommate or two. You will be able to share the expenses, which will cut down on costs significantly.

Another common concern is being distracted from classes and homework. It is important for you to set a schedule and be sure you stick to it.

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