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If you’re moving into student housing to begin this new chapter in your life, continue reading. Here are some of the top tips’ students swear by when moving to college for the first time.

Take Only the Essentials

If this is your first time going to college, you may feel unsure of what to bring with you. You don’t want to overpack and must lug around a heavy suitcase to campus. But at the same time, you want to feel prepared for whatever school throws at you. However, the bottom line is that it’s always best to pack only your essentials. Bring clothing, socks, durable shoes, your laptop, towels, a laundry bag, hangers, a mattress cover, and a thick comforter.

Don’t Neglect Your Cooking Supplies

If you’re staying in student housing with no meal plan to keep you fed and fueled during those late-night study sessions, make sure to bring your cooking supplies to make amazing meals while you’re away at college. For example, try to bring a rice cooker, durable pots and pans, and perhaps a toaster oven. If you plan on living with roommates, coordinate this amongst yourselves.

Find a Complex That Truly Feels Like Home

Student housing can often feel like throwing darts at random. There are some great places with plenty of amenities that will keep you busy on days you’re not studying. But how can you determine which complex is best for you? Contact LUX on Capitol to find a place that feels like it was made for you. You can learn more about their Western Washington University student housing plans and amenities on their website.

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