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When it comes to traditional apartments, you can’t beat that level of privacy. Or so it seems, anyway. When you rent a traditional apartment, you can either rent an apartment by yourself–if you can afford it, anyway–or choose a roommate or two to help you pay the bills. Conversely, you have to stay with multiple roommates when you live in a student apartment. Traditional apartments are the way to go, right?

In fact, student apartments are just as private as regular apartments, if not more so. Here’s how student apartments can actually be more private than traditional apartments.

Why Do Student Apartments Offer More Privacy?

Student housing near Colorado State University might come with more roommates. But it also comes with a big advantage: your own private bedroom and bathroom. No matter how many roommates you have, you’ll get your own bedroom and bathroom with lockable doors. No sharing a bathroom with your roommates or dealing with them invading your personal space.

Plus, student housing facilities offer plenty of amenities where you can relax and enjoy some alone time. You can hang out in the quiet study lounge, work out by yourself in the gym, hang out at the fire pits outside or relax in a hammock. You won’t find those features in a traditional apartment complex. Overall, student apartments are much more private than other housing options.

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