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The majority of property management teams work hard to offer apartments that are in pristine condition to tenants. They spend a lot of time doing maintenance and other work that allows tenants to feel comfortable and ensures that everything works properly. While these teams usually have good intentions and perform quality work, there are some things they may miss.

Before signing a lease, perform an inspection on apartments or military rentals in Norfolk you are interested in. You should not feel rushed as you are doing the inspection. The goal is to look for pre-existing damage in the apartment or things that do not work properly. It is likely that the property management team will address these things before you move in. If they cannot be fixed, they should be noted in the lease. If they are noted in the lease, you will not be held responsible for them when you move out.

Make sure all the outlets and light fixtures work properly. If you notice burn marks or damage, mention this to the management team. Turn on all the faucets. Make sure the water drains properly. Examine the walls, doors, and flooring. If you see scratches, dents, or stains, mention these things to the property management team.

Check the HVAC system in the apartment or military rentals in Norfolk. You want to make sure that the temperature changes as you switch from air-conditioning to heating. You also want to make sure the temperature is consistent throughout all the rooms and that the vents work properly.

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